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Life's Best Moments Direct Mail Campaign


Denver Photography Service
Bonnie and The Beard—Lonely Hills

Music Video
The Foundation

House Music

"The Get Right" is a music collective that promotes the arts, culture and music events...

Stregthen Our House—Beats for Cancer Relief

Cancer Benefit Video for Native Soul Recordings Titled "Stregthen Our House"
How To: Wrap Your Irrigation Back-flow

How to wrap your Irrigation back-flow preventer to avoid freeze damage
Training Video: Welcome to Company Culture

Developed for Human Resources in the training and welcoming of new hires.
How To Identify An Ash Tree

The definitive guide to identifying an ash tree

Life's Best Moments

2014 American Marketing Gold Peak Award Recipient
La Voz

Latin American Educational Foundation full page advertisement for La Voz Bilingual...
LAEF Holiday Greeting

Holiday Greeting done for Latin American Educational Foundation. Dec 2014
Stop the Violence

Limelight Contracting

Branded logo and web design for Limelight Contracting LLC.
Emerald Ash Borer

Campaign to raise awareness of the potential impact of emerald ash borer in Colorado...
Making Spirits Bright

Making Spirits Bright is an integrated Christmas campaign for Swingle Inc.
Love Your Lawn this Fall

Love your lawn this fall is Swingle Lawn Tree and Landscape Care's 2014 fall lawn...

Native Soul Recordings "Dirty 30" U.S. Tour

Native Soul Recordings Dirty 30 U.S. Tour
Dirty 30 Album Art

Native Soul Recordings 30th release and U.S. tour
Life's Best Moments Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaign for "Life's Best Moments", which mailed to 250,000 Denver residencies
Northwest House Music Conference

Collateral for two Native Soul events in Seattle, WA