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There is much competition in the field of professional organizing in Denver, CO. so it was a challenge to help Better Life Organizing find their personality. The main focus for creating their image was not only to show professionalism and the capacity to compete with larger companies, but to also project the feeling of tranquility and simplicity, through the services they provide.

Better Life Organizing mostly deals with residential properties, but plans on diversifying its marketing and services toward business to business in the future. They wanted to put a large focus on creating a sense of reliability and confidence as well as being the company to call to get things done right the first time.


Competitive Analysis

When I met with BL, they know first hand what they wanted the companies image to feel like. They went into detail about the competition and the logos brands like “Major Mom” used with their focus on organize and energize. Although I like the name and tag phrase, I don’t think the logo speaks organizing to an older demographic which could hold a good market share. The color palette does not compliment each other and there are too many font types at play. It all appears a bit chaotic. I do, on the other hand, enjoy the type face they chose for their tag—the sans serif font is clean and organized and  I feel that is what an organizing company should feel like–clean.

Another big competitor in the field is “A Time for Organizing.” Although they own a large portion of business in the Denver Metro area, nothing about this logo speaks organizing.  I believe the cheesy Papyrus font and Asian calligraphy styled clock do not mesh well together and ultimately cheapens the brand identity.  The color combination is not bad and the “making your life easier” is similar to the Better Life’s tag “Life is better when organized”, which also needs to be re thought.

Finally the third company I want to analyze is “Peace Together Spaces.” This Company also has a large portion of the organizing business in Denver, but the logo seems a bit generic—using a typical green color that many organizing companies share. I can see the concept behind the puzzle pieces and what it implies. My guess would be its bringing order to chaos or neatly organizing all the pieces together. The type-face and lowercase lettering seems unbalanced and goes against what the puzzle pieces imply.

Phase 1, Concepts


photo 4When I initially interviewed them, they wanted the company’s image to imply specific emotions.  So the challenge was to visualize these emotions and connect them with physical objects. How do you represent peace and tranquility, spirituality and being in tune with nature?
• Peace                  • Awakening
• Spirituality           • Tranquility
• Purity                   • In tune with  nature

Visual Representation:

After I screened out the larger lists, and I was left with a solid foundation of items that broadly represented what I was trying to visualize.  I divided the list with objects that visually represent the emotion into two parts: Things that represent feelings and things that represent spaces.
• Trees   • Clouds
• Geometric symbols
• Piled rocks
• wind   • Religious symbols
Things that represent spaces and homes
• Cubes     • 3D Cubes
• Stacked stones
• Houses   • Shelves
• Blue prints • Closets   • Windows
Phase 2: Sketch Concepts

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

Approaching these concepts, I stared sketching simple representations of what my list came up with and some variations. I wanted to get them in illustration format so that I could start manipulating them more quickly and pushing the ideas further. Some of the shapes that came out are a bit cliche but I normally like to get all the bad ideas out so I don’t over develop one. At this time I am in close contact with the client and am ready to change directions at a moments notice. Please look at the progression of these sketches from top left to to right as if you were reading a news paper

Phase 3: Typography 

Typeography I knew right away—after viewing the competitions logo—that the logos did not embody organizational or neat in any sense. My decision to use a clean sans serif font was easy. I went ahead and threw in a serif and a script font to see how they would react—and much to my expectation, they did not lean towards them.

Here is the final selection:
Font: ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Extra-light

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.06.07 PM

Phase 4: Illustration Concepts

InspirationSet-A Set-B

In Phase 3, I really began to get excited with what was coming up.  What started as a concept with using the Lotus, further developed into other similar, sharper concepts.

I did not want to get too carried away with it so I began to venture out into using hints structures to communicate home and business. at this point Better Life and I had a meeting to see what was working for them and what was not. We zeroed in on the things that they were enjoying which were the flat styled images of the house and rough sketch i did of the lotus flower in the previous phase.

Below are the comps that they liked best. In comp C, they really liked the lotus but wanted to see it without the darker colored ellipse in the background.  In comp P, what they were liking was the flat styled house in the middle. The hexagonal cube was of interest, but rang too masculine for them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.48.25 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.07.23 PM

Phase 5: Piecing It All Together

PUTTING-IT-TOGETHERWhen I brought them together it felt as if the house belonged in there. It clearly spoke to BL and they asked to push around some color pallets. The colors they chose were similar to the ones on their website but wanted to explore its adjacent shades.
They also had the idea that they wanted a second or third color to represent the brand but were unable to make those selections themselves.  They wanted to use the color green but I was able to present them a much stronger selection of palettes in addition to various shades of green.


Final Thoughts:
Good design is an iterative process that not only gets better results, but also builds trust and happier clients. Good design does not end with how good it looks, rather, that it’s also highly functional and that it is achieving the companies end goals. Good design is intuitive, it is honest, and it is timeless. One important thing to remember is that good logo design is user oriented and extremely focused on a few things—how you want your clients interacting and perceiving your brand and how it is going to take your business to the next level of success.

If you would like more information on branding or re-branding your company, please leave a detailed description of your company and its project goals.

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Better Life Organizing

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